Matt Abrams



“In an era when new technologies, business models, and terms are constantly being created, and existing businesses are under pressure from new market dynamics, Matt is uniquely gifted in helping others sift through the relevant concepts, separate fact from fiction, and get to the heart of the matter to be effective and successful. Matt blends a combination of knowledge, experience, strategic awareness and enthusiasm that makes him a unique resource.”

/  Michael diamond, SVP & General Manager Mitek Systems / 


“During the past seven plus years I’ve known Matt, he has provided countless hours of technical support, thought leadership and invaluable personal guidance. Matt’s tenacity, ability to deliver results, and aptitude to comprehend complex technology make him an exceptional business partner.  Matt is person of great integrity who truly cares about the individuals and companies he does business with.” 



"Matt is a self-made Renaissance man who does it all. With the highest of values and judgment, he knows the art of leadership and has the entrepreneur’s spirit and businessman’s savvy. An avid outdoorsman, you will want him on your team if the going gets tough. Matt is truly out-of-this-world!"



“Matt has a unique ability to connect the dots between ideas and people across a diverse range of topics. He provides perspectives and options that are candid and grounded and is a consistent push for improving the status quo and seeking out what is possible.” 

Nada Bakos, Former CIA Analyst, Author /


"Matt has been a conscientious, thoughtful advisor and collaborator for me, especially related to my work on Artificial Intelligence and other advanced technologies. Upon meeting him for the first time, I was struck by his seemingly insatiable appetite for new information and his adroitness in discussing various technology topics. Matt’s positive traits in these areas are overshadowed only by his genuine care for those around him – he constantly goes out of his way to make sure others are comfortable and to engage those who are left out of a conversation.  I find his honesty and candor to be refreshing and always leave our conversations having learned something that can be applied immediately to my work.  Simply, Matt is the first person I contact when I need no-nonsense, trusted advice that properly considers technology and potential risks."

william welser, Director Engineering and applied sciences, RAND corporation /


“Matt's broad cross-industry knowledge and deep technology background enables him to help mentor new organizations towards both a successful technology approach and a sound business model. With that foundation of expertise, Matt also brings an amazing ability to connect people of different backgrounds. This goes beyond creating business opportunities to making possible the cross-disciplinary expertise and thinking needed to be successful today.” 

Ray velez, Global CHIEF technology OFFICER publicis.sapient /


"Jack of all trades and master too. Matt has a fantastic ability to identify talent and connect people to unleash potential and uncover hidden value across the tech arena. Mastery is achieved by knowing the right questions to ask, by connecting the dots in ways others cannot and by helping harness untapped potential. The breadth and depth of his knowledge is impressive, and his leadership in cyber and machine learning is where the real value is being derived in the near-future."

Libby Unger, Founding CEO & Advisor, GreenFig /


“There's a special quality in Matt, an honest sincerity and genuine enthusiasm in the belief that technology, and the entrepreneurs that pursue technology-driven innovation, can change the lives of people for the good.  He's especially committed to nurturing the talent of those entrepreneurs who reside outside the bubble of the well-known corridors of tech innovation.  One of his most admirable qualities is his boundless curiosity and ability to see well over the horizon, and beyond the interesting noise to focus on the very provocative.

At heart, Matt is a prodigy of the small community in southern Oregon where he grew up.  He's experienced first hand the shifting fortunes and cruelty that the business cycle can bring to a rural-regional economy and a workforce over-dependent on a single industry.  I think those early formative experiences continue to drive Matt to this day.  He possesses an inspiring small-town optimism and understands that only by working together can society address its challenges.” 

mark thompson, managing director thompson + billings, Advisor /


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